MP SPEAKS Reprioritising the tasks of police personnel is the way forward to lower the crime rate and safeguard our families instead of "chasing shadows" in the BN government's obsession with regime security.

Recently, national debate about whether the recent spike in crimes was mere ‘perception' has captured headlines and fuelled a blame game. However, police distribution is an important factor that has escaped public notice. Statistics will show a clearer picture of what is hindering the men in blue from making us feel safe.

As of January 2011, for every uniformed police handling crime, there are six in non-crime sectors. This means six times as many police officers are tasked with non-crime related jobs, than those who are fighting crime.

It is a sobering fact that the Criminal Investigation Department makes up only 9 percent, or 9,346, of the total 105,929 uniformed police force. No wonder we feel unsafe!